Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

You will be asked for your address, telephone number, email address, GP details and date of birth and if applicable your healthcare insurance details. This data will be stored on a spreadsheet on a cloud based platform which can be accessed from Dr Catherine Sykes’ passcode locked iphone, ipad and laptop.

Dr Catherine Sykes employs a Personal Assistant (PA) to help with administration and invoicing. Anyone employed by Dr Catherine Sykes is required to sign a confidentiality agreement. Dr Catherine Sykes’ PA will have access to the cloud based spreadsheet for administration and invoicing purposes.

Dr Catherine Sykes may contact you using these details in relation to your therapy. For example, she may send reminders about certain tasks agreed in the therapy session. You may also be emailed information that Dr Catherine Sykes considers of interest to you. If you do not want her to contact you please inform Dr Catherine Sykes at any point during your therapy sessions.

Your data is also used to process any healthcare insurance claims and update medical professionals who are involved in your care. This is usually a GP or a psychiatrist. If you do not want an update to be sent to any other medical professionals, please inform Dr Catherine Sykes. If Dr Catherine Sykes thinks your life or the life of others is at risk, she has a professional duty to inform your GP.

During your therapy session, Dr Catherine Sykes writes notes on her ipad to help with the process of therapy. Only your first name is used in these notes. All identifiable client data is stored in separate files. All notes are shredded or deleted after 2 years, unless instructed to do so sooner or to keep on file. Your file will be closed and stored after the last session. If you decide at any point that you no longer wish to continue sessions, please send Dr Catherine Sykes an update, then your file will be closed. Files will be deleted or shredded 2 years after your file is closed.

At the end of your treatment, Dr Catherine Sykes will ask you if you would like your email to be added to her cloud based mailing system. Her newsletter keeps you informed about psychology research and her services once you have finished your treatment.

Your data will never be shared with any third parties.

Details about raising complaints about registrants on the Health & Care Professions Council can be found at