Scope of the Business

Business can refer to a particular organization or to an entire market sector, e.g. “the music business”. Compound forms such as agribusiness represent subsets of the word’s broader meaning, which encompasses all activity by suppliers of goods and services. The goal is for sales to be more than expenditures resulting in a profit or gain or surplus.

I meet many professionals who get stuck in their work and/or personal lives. The more we progress through life, the more we accumulate psychological blockers for moving forward and our dreams and hopes can fade. Reaching your potential and achieving a sense of mastery are important for optimum psychological health. It is particularly important if you have already experienced this sense of mastery and then feel you are losing it. If you are feeling stuck, this class will help you to start a process of clarifying your next direction and become clearer about what is holding you back.

In this intense class, you will understand your psychological and behavioural blocks that are related to the fact that you come from a different background to most of your professional peers. It is common for professionals in elite occupations who have come from a less privileged background to feel shame, loneliness, unworthiness and even resentment. You may not have been taught the rules of success. You have had to learn ‘on the go’. You may have your sights set high but you may sense your background is holding you back. You may feel you don’t fit in with family and friends either. In this class, I teach you to embrace your social transition without compromising your individuality, and if relevant, build your confidence to navigate any unconscious bias in the workplace.

Focus is becoming a precious skill in the busy constantly switched on world that we find ourselves in. In this class, I help you to identify your psychological and behavioural patterns that are distracting you. We will work together to develop the right habits for you to improve your mental energy. We will end with hypnosis to improve your concentration.

I’ve worked with so many new leaders who have been thrown into the deep end of a leadership role without any training in leadership. Leadership is a skill that needs to be taught and developed. I’ve witnessed very competent people develop mental health issues as a result of a lack of investment in leadership skills development. I’ve developed this class for new leaders, who have to self-fund their leadership training, to empower them with the right knowledge of how to lead and effectively engage with the teams they work with.

The Power of Forest

Adam Smith’s famous book, The Wealth of Nations, published in Great Britain in 1776, distinguished between the outputs of what he termed “productive” and “unproductive” labor.