Anxiety and Panic Disorder
Identifying, understanding and then regaining control over your feelings is how I will help you manage your anxiety and panic. With my expertise as an Anxiety Specialist, there are psychological tools I will use to create a personalised programme so you can change your response and regain control.
Health Anxiety
Your health concerns may be unnecessarily preventing you from living life the way you want. Working with you to identify these concerns and the unpleasant feelings that they generate, I can empower you to set you free from the constant worry about your health. We will identify together how you can use tools, so that you are present again in your life and relationships.
Social Anxiety
Perhaps you become anxious when faced with delivering a presentation, or during networking events and large gatherings, or perhaps in one-to-one settings. However your social anxiety presents itself, there will be tools you can use to set yourself at ease and regain control. Together, we will identify the causes of this anxiety and build a tailored set of tools that enable you to regain control.
Medically Unexplained Illnesses
Quite often medically unexplained illnesses are due to the fact that the physical response of the organs to stress, burnout or trauma has gone too far. If you are experiencing medically unexplained illnesses, the uncertainty and confusion about the cause will affect you. I will help you to explore the history of your symptoms to give clues to what state of mind you were in when the symptoms started and why the symptoms may be continuing. I also help you to understand and change thinking and behavioural patterns that contribute to the symptoms. Communicating with others such as family and friends, health professionals and people in the workplace about your symptoms can be a challenge. I will work with you to develop an empowering communication style.
If insomnia is preventing you being healthy, happy and productive, I will apply my expertise and years of experience in helping people build healthy sleep patterns to identify the underlying causes. With my support, we will discover what is keeping you awake, how you can manage the underlying causes, and how making changes in your life can result in healthy sleeping habits.
Body Acceptance
Negative feelings about your appearance and body image may result in a loss of confidence and low self-esteem. You may also waste time and money trying to fix a problem you perceive but others cannot see. With an understanding of why you have these negative feelings, that we reach together, I can help you change your perceptions, your over-focus on appearance and regain your confidence.
The menopause can be a big physiological and psychological transition for many women. Even though women are feeling more comfortable talking about it to friends, it can be still a lonely period as the psychological aspects of the menopause do vary. Sudden feelings of anxiety and sadness at work are a common experience for professional women going through the menopause. I will help you to make sense of this period in your life and help you to manage the psychological symptoms such as anxiety, irritability, poor concentration and low self-esteem as well as help you to manage the impact on your professional life.
Experiencing periods of depression is often the outcome of experiences and events, both current and past. It may also have physical roots. It is not an unusual condition and with the right support it is possible to overcome your unhelpful thoughts and feelings. We will identify the causes together and I will apply my expertise to identify the combination of techniques that result in positive change.
Chronic Fatigue
I will work with you to discover the source of your chronic fatigue. This is often challenging as it can be caused by multiple factors, many simultaneously. These include over-working, insomnia, and suppressed emotions. We will collaborate to identify a strategy for managing the underlying reasons, making the changes in your lifestyle that will replenish your energy and restore your passion for life.
Lawyer Burnout
Lawyers often work long hours to succeed in an intensely competitive job market. This increases the risk of work-related stress or burnout.
An awareness of what can lead to lawyer burnout is necessary due to the multiple factors involved, such as the pressures and challenges of entering the profession, the competitive work environment, and the impact a demanding career can have on your personal life.
I combine therapy and coaching strategies to help you understand and deal with the impact of burnout and enable you to develop better work habits that enhance cognitive performance and resilience.
Your bulimia often has deep psychological roots that I will work with you to identify and address to avoid further mental and physical health issues. If you are struggling with bulimia, I can help you free yourself from the restrictions it imposes on your life so you can enjoy food and socialising, for pleasure and business, without fear.
Your addictions become unmanageable when they start to impact negatively on your physical and mental health and disrupt your day-to-day home and work life. We will act together swiftly to prevent your addition from causing lasting harm. Treating your addictions, whether smoking, alcohol, drugs, gambling, food, sex or another habit, enables you make the changes that enable you to regain control.
Burnout and Breakdown
Burnout can be a confusing, lonely and frightening place. I’ve worked with hundreds of professionals to help them understand what has happened and get their life back on track with new skills to enjoy life and achieve success with new more sustainable success rules.
Relationship Issues
Every relationship has conflict of some kind. You may have found that the conflict has become unbearable and destructive over time. I provide 2 people in an intimate relationship with a safe place to explore their relationship patterns to gain insights into the conflict and then choose whether you want to move towards resolving the conflict and increasing the satisfaction of being in the relationship.

Psychological Therapy

Those of you who work in law and finance in The City of London are the high performing elite of your professions. Yours are intrinsically challenging occupations that come with extraordinary demands and stresses, on which you may at times thrive. Yet, despite outward appearances you may not be happy. Your health may be suffering. The stress, and other events in your life, can impact your mental and physical health. At these times, you may need experienced professional support to get your life back on track. I work with high achieving City professionals, like you, so have unique insights into your organisational culture and the psychology of high achievers. With this specific knowledge of your day-to-day context, I begin our exploration to bring change by understanding and exploring your challenges and their cause.

I know your time is precious. I have over 25 years’ experience of delivering and researching psychological services. During this time, I have developed my own approach that rapidly helps you to discover the core reason for your problems. I draw upon a range of psychological approaches such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), hypnosis, somatic psychology and neuropsychology to provide you with optimal therapy solutions. You should know from the outset that I do not just provide ‘talking therapy’. If you just want a ‘talking therapy’ then, I am probably not the right psychologist for you.

I work with my clients to develop the right personalised psychological tools and techniques to support change. I pride myself on my ability to help my clients make positive changes so they can be happy, healthy and enjoy and maintain their success. I use an online brain health assessment service developed by Cambridge Brain Sciences that accurately measures core elements of your cognitive function and mood, including memory, attention, focus, reasoning and verbal abilities. This brain health assessment helps to monitor and manage core areas of your brain function that are key to your mental health and wellness. You can try the brain health assessment technology here with a free assessment of your mental concentration and focus abilities.