Working Parent Coaching

When a professional becomes a parent, it can seem daunting to manage the demands of home and work life. New parents are coached to successfully manage the transition to becoming a working parent. Sleep deprivation is common in new parents and this can impact on cognitive abilities in the workplace. Offering working parent coaching to new parents returning to work can enhance the transition and help retain talent in the workplace.

Emily’s Experience of Working Parent Coaching

Emily was overcome with guilt about returning to work. She had a successful career in the City and could not imagine how she could combine family life with work life. Her employers valued her and wanted her to return. Her employers offered her coaching to explore possibilities of returning to work. When Emily looked into her future, it involved her working and providing a good life style for her child, she had always enjoyed her working life. Emily explored practical steps she could take to maintain a work-life balance. Eventually a flexible working arrangement was put in place that suited both parties.

Regular coaching and critical incident coaching are offered.

"It was such a relief to explore my options with an external objective professional."

"Learning to overcome sleep difficulties helped me get back to work."

"I'm so grateful to have been offered this coaching."