Transform Your Family Life

Are you one of many working parents that are sleep deprived and exhausted from juggling the demands of work life and home life? Sleep deprivation decreases a range of cognitive abilities. For example, reaction time, alertness, the working memory's ability to juggle multiple tasks, cognitive flexibility, verbal fluency, problem solving, and the regulation of emotions are all impacted.

Parents are coached to develop parenting styles that work in harmony with their working life. Parents are introduced to ideas that provide the building blocks for positive, constructive and confident parenting.

Parents are coached to develop personalised strategies to deal with difficult behaviours such as difficulty eating in young children, anger outbursts, sleeping difficulties and social anxiety. The result is a happier family life and more focus in your career.

Robert and Alison’s Experience of Family Life Coaching

Robert and Alison could not understand why their daughter seemed to lack confidence and often got frustrated with her school work and tore it up in anger outbursts. They told me that they often praise their daughter and could not understand why their praise was not helping to give their daughter confidence. When we looked in depth about how they were giving praise, we saw that it was actually unhelpful praise. It consisted of a regular over- use of the word ‘brilliant.' It was meaningless to their daughter. They were taught steps for more effective praise giving:

1) Give the child all your attention.

2) Move close to the child.

3) Look pleased and share their pleasure.

4) Describe specifically what you like.

5) Ask for your child's opinion.

6) Seek eye contact.

7) Be sincere.

8) Use a warm tone of voice.

9) Touch the child gentle.

10) Give pride to the child

Regular coaching and critical incident coaching are offered.

"Mealtimes have become a pleasure."

"We are all sleeping better as a family and I now have time for myself."

"I feel much calmer when I'm with my children."

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