Resilience in the Workplace

Do you find yourself experiencing strong over-powering emotions? Do the demands of daily life feel over-whelming? Do you feel you have no energy?

There is no doubt we live in a stressful world but the experience of stress is subjective. Resilience is the ability to persist in the face of adversity and "bounce back"from setbacks. Resilience comes from a combination of positive attributes we develop through our upbringing, education, social and cultural connections, and other life experiences. Resilience helps us cope with disappointments and stress, overcome obstacles, recover from or adjust to change or misfortune, and deal with the normal stresses and challenges of life. Resilience is not a trait that people have or do not have. It involves thoughts and actions that can be learned. Clients are helped to understand what resilience is and offered techniques to improve resilience to help in the workplace.

Joe’s Experience of Resilience Coaching

Joe was a successful Hedge Fund Manager. However he was prone to anger outbursts. This caused problems in the team. He was referred for resilience coaching by HR after a bullying complaint. Over the years, Joe had learnt that ‘sticking to his guns' was the route to getting what he wanted. However this belief was no longer working for him in a bigger team in a declining market. Joe was taught to develop more flexibility in his thinking, recognize what was making him angry before it reached an intense outburst and deal with the source of the anger more effectively. Joe also got over his guilt of taking holidays and enjoyed an energising two-weeks in the sun.

Regular coaching and critical incident coaching are offered.  

"I have got my energy back."

"I no longer feel that I'm on a treadmill with no stop button."

"I can now deal with the stress of life."