Positive Return to Work Following an Illness

Have you had a serious illness and been out of the workplace? Do you feel daunted about the prospect of returning to work? Maybe you are worried that you will over-do it or that colleagues will treat you differently.

It normal to have some worries when you have been out of the workplace because of an illness. However these worries can become excessive and interfere with a positive return to work.

Clients are helped to develop a positive attitude about returning to work. If the client has any ongoing symptoms, specific programmes are developed to help the client cope with the symptoms.

Richard’s Experience of Return to Work Coaching

Richard was a senior manager when he had a heart attack. He recovered well from a bypass graft. He was 54. His family wanted him to take early retirement. His employers were also worried about Richard returning.

Richard had enjoyed his job and he did not feel ready to retire yet. What his family and employers did not know was that Richard's job gave him positive meaning. It was important for Richard's sense of self. Nonetheless he had some fears but these fears were centred around his worries about what others would think. Richard also knew that he had to make some lifestyle changes. In 4 sessions, Richard developed his own his sense of meaning and developed a communication strategy for discussing his heart attack with others. Richard then moved to having coaching every 6 weeks for a year to help him change his drinking habit.

Regular coaching and critical incident coaching are offered.

"Getting back to work with your support was crucial for me."

"I felt more in charge of managing my symptoms at work."

"You helped me to know that going back to work was the right thing for me."