Positive Public Speaking

Do you feel you can come across as nervous and even unenthusiastic because of your fear of talking in public? Are you avoiding giving presentations and thus avoiding progressing in your career? Would you rather curl up in a ball than give a presentation but deep down you dream about being a confident speaker?

Many successful professionals have a fear of public speaking. They tend to search for public speaking coaching at a point in their career when they are more and more called upon to share their expertise and experience.

Clients have usually tried a variety of self-help methods in attempts to improve their presentation skills before trying coaching.   The impact of the self-help methods has been limited as they have not got to the source of their fear. They still feel dreadful when they have to present.

Clients are helped to get to the bottom of their fear. They start to really enjoy giving presentations. Once the fear is understood, clients are taught to deal with the fear in a way that is tailored to meet their needs. Coaching is combined with hypnosis for powerful presentations if appropriate. If a phobia of presentations has developed, the Rewind Technique is used. This is a comfortable, effective treatment that can greatly reduce any phobic symptoms quickly. If a client has become over-dependent on beta-blockers to perform, they are supported to gradually stop taking beta-blockers.

Paul’s Experience of Public Speaking Coaching

Paul set up his own Risk Management company after a career in the City of London. He was an expert in his field and well respected. Growing his business meant giving presentations to potential clients. This terrified Paul so much so that he had started taking beta-blockers every day to calm his nerves. Paul worked out that he had significant negative internal dialogues weeks before a presentation. This was keeping him in constant state of hyper-arousal and looking out for any confirmation of his negative internal dialogue. The theme in the dialogue was a fear of failure. Paul had never experienced any failure. He had never developed any tolerance of mistakes. An exercise was developed to increase Paul's fear of mistakes and overcome his fear of failure. He was taught presentation skills that embraced his own unique style.

Regular coaching and critical incident coaching are offered. 

"I see Catherine before any major presentation. She helps me to clarify my message and sharpen my delivery."

"I never thought I would reach a point that I would be excited before a presentation."

"Learning to put me into my presentations was liberating."