Executive Coaching

Executive coaching helps you become the best version of yourself as a leader, executive and a person. It can be transformational for the individual as well as the organisation. With years of experience of coaching in the City of London, Zenitude Coaching provides an understanding of the coachee's world. All the coaching techniques are evidence-based to ensure an elite service. The benefits of executive coaching include greater productivity, a deeper learning about yourself as a leader, a space to hear your own voice and gain perspective, clarity of your values which leads to greater conviction and reduces self-doubt, ideas to improve what you might not see, empathy and encouragement, the truth others won't tell you, support for specific skills such as communication and team building.

Eric’s Experience of Executive Coaching

Eric, sought coaching when he became the CEO of an international organisation that was facing many challenges. He had been involved in group coaching in the past. However he felt he would benefit from one-to-one coaching to help him gain a wider perspective on the challenges ahead. Eric found that coaching became an important thinking space which made him more resilient to face the challenges. Coaching helped Eric to move his thinking forward. When situations felt complex, it was useful to have an external sounding-board that helped him clarify his ideas in a neutral safe environment.

Regular coaching and critical incident coaching are offered.

"I reclaimed my self-belief."

"Coaching became an important space for me."

"Coaching raised my game and helped me to believe in my abilities to succeed."