Confidence at Work

Are you avoiding new challenges? Do you feel like an imposter waiting to be found out? Do you take longer to complete tasks and work too late? Do you feel stuck in a career? Are you avoiding networking events? Maybe you dread meetings and get stuck in a negative cycle of comparing yourself to colleagues. We all know that confidence matters and that a lack of it negatively impacts on professional effectiveness, career progression, personal well-being and satisfaction. A lack of confidence decreases your chances of reaching your full potential, resulting in feelings of frustration. Many professionals feel held back due to a lack of confidence.

Clients are introduced to the 5 aspects of Confidence: Body Language, the interplay between Thoughts, Feelings and Action and Nurturing your skills and yourself. Practical skills for enhancing confidence are taught.

James’ Experience of Confidence at Work Coaching

James had worked his way up to a senior position in a large corporate organisation. He was performing well but he lacked confidence. He took his time to make decisions, often waiting to see how others would react to email conversations before responding. His working day had increased over the years and James felt exhausted every day. His confidence issue was mentioned in his annual review. James felt exposed and he started to have panic attacks at work. James was helped to discover the source of his lack of confidence. Firstly James had misconceptions about what confidence actually is, he thought some people are just confident. Secondly James discovered his core belief about himself was ‘I am second best." James was helped to change this belief and act as if he were an equal to his colleagues. Over time, James felt more confident and applied for a promotion.

Regular coaching and critical incident coaching are offered.

"I no longer dread going into work."

"I feel more in control at work."

"Knowing what confidence actually is helped me to stop thinking I was never going to be confident."