Career Branding

Are you getting over-looked for promotions? Do you always come close to getting the job you want but fall down at the last hurdle? Do you feel different in your organisation but don't know how to successfully embrace that difference?

Success in the workplace is not only dependent on hard work and luck. Many successful people follow a conscious process, a strategic branding process which is often done with the help of expert advisors. Once you understand what is holding you back, progression can be quick. Clients are helped to create a self-brand that helps them achieve the success they deserve and bring value to their company, clients and projects.

To be successful, you need to form positive impressions in the minds of other people. Other people are important in making you successful. Clients are helped to take control over how they are perceived in the workplace.

Emma’s Experience of Career Coaching

Emma was working in a large corporate organisation when she had her first coaching session. She was loosing her confidence at work and had started to question if this was the right career for her. This was her second career move and she was unsure where to go next. We discovered that she was trying too hard to fit into a perceived correct way of working, resulting in exhaustion and lack of concentration. Emma was helped to understand her strengths, embrace them and incorporate her strengths in her work identify. In practice, this meant, changing the way she dressed, being selective about which tasks she volunteered to take on, talking to her manager about getting involved in projects that played to her strengths. The hardest part for Emma for declining projects that did not meet her strengths. She was in the habit of beating herself up about not being able to do certain tasks and trying too hard. Eventually she saw the benefit of a more selective strategy in the workplace. After 8 monthly sessions, Emma was promoted.

Regular coaching and critical incident coaching are offered.

"Having a career brand gives me a framework in which to operate at work."

"I'm no longer angry at work. Knowing who I am at work gives me the confidence to use my strengths to persuade."

"I feel more comfortable at work. I'm no longer pretending to be someone I'm not."