Zenitude Coaching Programmes

  • Executive Coaching

    Executive coaching helps you become the best version of yourself as a leader, executive and a person.

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  • Confidence at Work

    We all know that confidence matters and that a lack of it negatively impacts on professional effectiveness, career progression, personal well-being and satisfaction.

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  • Positive Public Speaking

    Do you feel you can come across as nervous and even unenthusiastic because of your fear of talking in public?

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  • Resilience in the Workplace

    Do you find yourself experiencing strong over-powering emotions? Do the demands of daily life feel over-whelming? Do you feel you have no energy?

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  • Positive Return to Work Following an Illness

    Have you had a serious illness and been out of the workplace? Do you feel daunted about the prospect of returning to work?

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  • Career Branding

    Are you getting over-looked for promotions? Do you always come close to getting the job you want but fall down at the last hurdle?

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  • Transform Your Family Life

    Are you one of many working parents that are sleep deprived and exhausted from juggling the demands of work life and home life?

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  • Working Parent Coaching

    When a professional becomes a parent, it can seem daunting to manage the demands of home and work life.

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"I see Catherine before any major presentation. She helps me to clarify my message and sharpen my delivery."

— Client who gets anxious about speaking in public

"You helped me to work through my issues and take a fresh view on life. With your help, my career is now thriving, with recognition for my skills and input - I even received an additional bonus. Many thanks for all your help."

— Client who felt he had reached a ceiling point in his career

"I am so glad I came to see you. I don’t think I would have gone for the promotion without your help."

— Client who did not think he was ready for promotion

-“My career has taken a more fulfilling direction. Your guidance and objectivity helped me take small step so the leap did not feel as daunting.”

— Client who wanted to take a new career direction.