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Dr Catherine Sykes has developed a series of coaching programmes that aim to revitalize the City professional by developing mindsets that promote life-long success, health and happiness.   The most recent evidence in neuropsychology suggests that we need a Zen-like calm to focus on achieving our aspirations.  If we organize our mind and life following the latest neuroscience of attention and memory, we can deal with the world in way that provides a sense of freedom and space to focus on being successful. Dr Catherine Sykes brings together evidence from neuropsychology and coaching psychology to personalize techniques that focus on ensuring the City professional stays successful.

Zenitude coaching involves nurturing clients to make sure their strengths create solutions. This supportive and honest approach allows a trusting professional relationship that facilitates empowerment to make changes and adapt to change. The psychology of success longevity has been incorporated into the programmes.

Clients are often coached at turning points in their career and life when their previous ways of achieving success may need updating.

"I see Catherine before any major presentation. She helps me to clarify my message and sharpen my delivery."

— Client who gets anxious about speaking in public

"You helped me to work through my issues and take a fresh view on life. With your help, my career is now thriving, with recognition for my skills and input - I even received an additional bonus. Many thanks for all your help."

— Client who felt he had reached a ceiling point in his career

"I am so glad I came to see you. I don’t think I would have gone for the promotion without your help."

— Client who did not think he was ready for promotion

-“My career has taken a more fulfilling direction. Your guidance and objectivity helped me take small step so the leap did not feel as daunting.”

— Client who wanted to take a new career direction.