I work with a wide range of professionals who need psychological therapy. Below are examples of my practice.

Work-related Stress

Work-related stress can be very disempowering. Office politics and organisational culture can reduce the choices for dealing with stress. While short bursts of pressure can help us rise to meeting a challenge, long-term stress can have a major impact on our physical and mental health.

I work sympathetically and sensitively with clients experiencing work-related stress. I work collaboratively with clients to look at ways of dealing with stress.


I am an anxiety treatment specialist working with people to understand and manage their worry, anxiety, fear and panic with the ultimate goal of helping clients to regain a sense of control of in their lives.

The constant worries and fear that terrible things are about to happen that typify anxiety are often accompanied by physical symptoms. These include muscle tension, headaches, stomach cramps, breathlessness and frequent urination. I use CBT with mindfulness techniques to help my clients overcome anxiety. This combined approach has proved highly effective against anxiety. Eighty percent of my clients have reported reduced anxiety by the third session.


More and more people are suffering from depression in all walks of life. When it hits, it can be debilitating and prevent an individual from engaging with life and making decisions, which if not treated can lead to an individual feeling stuck. Many research studies have found that cognitive behaviour therapy  (CBT) can be a powerful treatment for depression. I draw upon a range of evidence-based CBT  techniques to help my clients overcome depression.


I work with clients who have lost control over their gambling to such an extent that it has caused major problems in their life. I understand despite major losses caused by gambling, gamblers gain immense excitement from gambling. I help gamblers to understand their urges and find ways to control them.


Bulimia is a distressing problem which has become very common. I personally have seen an increase in the number of women seeking help for bulimia. I help clients to understand how bulimia might have developed and what keeps it going. Then I suggest practical techniques to help clients recover from bulimia.

Health anxiety

Health anxiety is a condition that consists of either a pre-occupation with having a serious illness or a fear of developing a serious illness, despite medical reassurance that this is not the issue. People with health anxiety often use a variety of mechanisms to cope but in fact make the situation worse. I help clients to identify these behaviours and use a well-researched technique to retrain attention. I also help clients to understand some of their underlying fears and devise ‘behavioural experiments’ to help face the fears.

Sleep problems

Not being able to sleep can be tortuous. Not only does it affect the sufferer’s night-time but it has serious consequences on day-time quality of life, relationships with partners, children and friends and working life. Research has established cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) as an effective treatment for persistent insomnia. I help clients to establish sleep routines to promote sleep and deal with racing minds at night-time.

Dealing with aging parents

Our population is getting older which means that more and more people in their mid-life years are taking on increased responsibilities for ageing parents. As we all age, we change. People who you once perceived to be wise and there for you, change. As carers of our parents, it can get hard to understand our emotions related to these changes. I can help you stay calm and understand what is going on as you take on the role of caring for your parents.

"I began treatment with Catherine at a very difficult time in my life. I'd been made redundant and was ill with stress. However, the CBT techniques she taught me changed the way I saw not just my present but my past as well. With her patience and encouragement I developed a much more positive and confident outlook, and a year on I still use CBT tools to look on the bright side when things go wrong."

— Client presenting with work related stress and severe headaches

"I really appreciated how professional, and kind, and non-judgemental you were, especially at a time when I was extremely judgemental of myself"

— Client experiencing work related stress