I believe that parenthood is a rewarding but challenging time. It is only in becoming a parent that one can truly understand the hard job of parenting, the difficult choices and the changes in our relationships with people.

My starting point with parents is that no matter how hard we try we can never parent to perfection. I help parents deal with the transitions in their parenthood journey. I have experience of working with women who are pregnant and want to explore their feelings towards their changing bodies, pregnant women who experience nausea and vomiting, mothers who feel sad that motherhood was not what they expected, supporting mothers in returning to work and dealing with the stress of managing difficult toddler behaviour.

I work with both women and men who are experiencing post-natal depression.

"I loved talking about being a mother with you. Having this space to accept my new role has helped me to achieve more balance in my life"

—   Client who felt guilty for not being a happy mother

"Talking about preparing to go back to work helped me to adjust to the idea of becoming a working mum"

—   Client who was anxious about returning to work

"Seeing Catherine when I returned to work helped me to regain my confidence in the workplace and identify my priorities"

— Client who had lost her confidence in the workplace