Workplace Health Strategies 

Healthier employees are more productive employees, and that makes for more profitable organisations.

Key Facts

  • Approximately 135 million working days are lost due to sickness absence per annum (5 days per employee).
  • Annual Statutory Sick Pay costs to employers amounts to over £1.5 billion.
  • Sleep deprivation decreases a range of cognitive abilities such as reaction time, alertness and the ability to juggle multiple tasks.
  • Approximately ¼ of the working population have a long-term condition.

Addressing the health and wellbeing of staff is vital and is an important measure of organisational health.  The workplace provides an appropriate and effective setting for delivering health promotion and prevention activities to tackle common health and lifestyle issues affecting the workforce.

Dr Sykes helps organisations to develop, improve or evaluate workplace health strategies using a range of evidence-based and creative techniques.

Bullying Prevention

Workplace bullying can cause extensive health problems and impact on workplace communication, motivation, morale and productivity.  The affects are not limited to the target of the bullying. Those witnessing bullying are more likely to leave their jobs than the victim of the bullying. Although people respond differently to being bullied, they may experience stress, anxiety, panic attacks and sleep problems.

Dr Sykes helps organisations to develop and implement bullying prevention strategies drawing upon a range good practice evidence-based models to suit the organizational needs. 

Independent Evaluations

Success of healthcare services and products is dependent on continuous reflection and a will to make improvements. Dr Sykes offers independent and objective evaluations. From her experience, involving independent evaluators from the onset helps to clarify the desired outcomes of success. Measuring the outcomes can then be phased into project management with a view to acting on the findings and increasing the chances of real success or even becoming more successful than anticipated.

Health Promotion Events

Dr Sykes’ campaigns are a successful mix of evidence-based strategies and creativity. She advices and implements events in the workplace and the community. In particular she has experience of using the performing arts as a vehicle for health promotion.

Example areas:

  • Mental well-being
  • Healthy weight
  • Sensible drinking
  • Stop smoking
  • Sleep well
  • Men’s health
  • Zestful Ageing

Feasibility Studies

Dr Sykes uses a well-researched framework to evaluate whether healthcare services, products and interventions can be used in a ‘real-world’ setting. Such studies help companies to understand whether their prototypes/ideas/pilot studies can be translated into practice. She helps companies to understand the reach of their planned service, product or intervention, measure success based on pre-defined outcomes, understand adoption rates and factors related to maintained usage.

"Thanks for all your help.You have handled many difficult characters with both sensitivity and iron resolve to bring about change.”

— Consultant Cardiologist - Project Champion

“You have put in an enormous amount of time and energy into building the trust and respect of key players. You have made a real difference to the project.”

— HR Director

'Catherine has added an enormous dimension of charm and joie de vive to add to the hard slog of the business in question.’

— Modernising Services Lead

‘You have tackled a sensitive issue with the right balance of human and organisational skills. Thank you for all your hard work. We really notice a difference in the workplace.’

— HR Director