Dr Catherine Sykes began her consultancy career at the Health Research Centre, working on projects funded by the European Commission in the field of health promotion. She managed a project that evaluated health promotion across 15 member states and advised the European Commission on its health promotion programme. 

Dr Sykes then moved to the NHS, committed to applying health psychology theory into practice in order to improve the experience of patients with coronary heart disease. She led a project across 6 London hospitals which reduced patient anxiety across the care pathway and implemented a new way of working that reduced waiting times for patients waiting for an emergency angioplasty.

In 2003, Dr Sykes was recruited by City University to establish the Professional Doctorate Training in Health Psychology, a 2 year programme that trains students to become competent health psychologists.  Here she continued with her research into health improvement and advised the NHS on involving patients and the public in decision-making. 

She now conducts consultancy alongside her private therapy and coaching practice. She works as a sole consultant on small projects and also takes on larger projects recruiting other professionals from her network.

"Thanks for all your help.You have handled many difficult characters with both sensitivity and iron resolve to bring about change.”

— Consultant Cardiologist - Project Champion

“You have put in an enormous amount of time and energy into building the trust and respect of key players. You have made a real difference to the project.”

— HR Director

'Catherine has added an enormous dimension of charm and joie de vive to add to the hard slog of the business in question.’

— Modernising Services Lead

‘You have tackled a sensitive issue with the right balance of human and organisational skills. Thank you for all your hard work. We really notice a difference in the workplace.’

— HR Director