Executive coaching

I have extensive experience of working with senior leaders, directors and senior executives from a range of private sector organisations, as well as partners of professional services firms.

Every client receives a tailored approach that will produce both the business results they need and the individual transformation that will drive their future success. My approach to coaching is highly effective because of an intense supportive focus on the individual, which is underpinned by psychological tools and techniques.

I help the individual to think creatively and enhance their thinking in the workplace to deal with a range of issues including:

Dealing with organizational change

Problem solving

Engaging staff

Improving performance

Retaining female talent

Improving communication style

Defining workplace values

Public Speaking Coaching

Many successful professionals have a fear of public speaking. They tend to search for public speaking coaching at a point in their career when they are more and more called upon to share their expertise and experience. In these situations many successful professionals can come across as nervous and even unenthusiastic because of the fear of talking in public.

There are many causes of the fear of public speaking such as a bad experience of reading aloud as a child, a previous poor presentation or current life stresses.

I have experience of working with a range of professionals to help them develop their own unique presentation style. I work by firstly looking at the cause of the fear then work with the client on an individual basis to plan, structure, pace, deal with questions from the audience and speak with clarity and confidence. I believe that all important presentations need some preparation and practicing no matter how confident you are. Sometimes clients need an objective coach to offer feedback. Clients can book follow up appointments for support and practicing important presentations.

"I see Catherine before any major presentation. She helps me to clarify my message and sharpen my delivery."

—  Client who gets anxious about speaking in public

"You helped me to work through my issues and take a fresh view on life.  With your help, my career is now thriving at ????, with recognition for my skills and input - I even received an additional bonus. Many thanks for all your help."

- Client who felt he had reached a ceiling point in his career

"I am so glad I came to see you. I don’t think I would have gone for the promotion without your help."

-  Client who did not think he was ready for promotion