Most people do not lack knowledge about healthy living. There are plentiful sources of information to convince us that healthy living is good for us.

However there are many obstacles that get in the way of achieving a healthy lifestyle.  I help clients to get under the surface of exercise and nutritional intentions to discover why a client is unhealthy, what behaviors led to the problem and what daily life and psychological obstacles are in the way. Thus giving the client a solid psychological foundation to make long lasting health behaviour changes.

I help clients to:

Improve their diet

Stop smoking

Increase their physical activity

Achieve a work-life balance

Improve their adherence to a medication regime

‘Want to loose weight’?

When someone wants to lose weight, they commonly turn their attention to diet and exercise patterns. I help clients understand about the cause of unhealthy eating patterns before setting goals to change eating patterns. I have developed a psychological programme for weight loss called Slim Mind ( ). It combines the latest research in cognitive behavioural principles, motivational interviewing, mindfulness, NLP and hypnosis to coach clients to change their eating patterns and attitudes towards food.

Stopping Smoking

In tackling smoking the common assumption is that only nicotine substitutes are needed when actually the aim should be to remove the need for nicotine. Without tackling the causes of undesired behaviours, the use of willpower or substitutes to refrain from eating or smoking soon becomes ineffective. I help clients to understand the psychological nature of smoking and teach clients to break the psychological addiction. I have spent numerous years researching effective psychological methods to help people stop smoking and published scientific journal articles on the efficacy of CBT for stop-smoking.

"Thanks to you, I kicked the habit."

- Smoker on 25 cigarettes a day.

"I thought I knew why I smoked but you taught me much more about why I smoke."

- Smoker who wanted to stop socially smoking

"Working with you made realize that I had to loose weight more slowly. You gave me the confidence to take this approach."

- Client who lost 8 kilos over 7 months and kept it off