Confidence at Work

Confidence is something we all recognize but it can be difficult to break it down into what it is. We all know that confidence matters and that a lack of it negatively impacts on professional effectiveness, career progression, personal well-being and satisfaction. Those who lack confidence avoid new challenges, take longer to complete tasks, feel stuck in their careers, avoid networking events, dread meetings and negatively compare themselves to colleagues.  A lack of confidence decreases an individual's chances of reaching his or her full potential, resulting in feelings of frustration.  This workshop introduces the 4 aspects of Confidence: Impact, Thoughts, Feelings and Action and suggests practical skills for enhancing confidence.

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Fear of Presentations

Many successful professionals have a fear of public speaking. They tend to search for public speaking coaching at a point in their career when they are more and more called upon to share their expertise and experience. In these situations many successful professionals can come across as nervous and even unenthusiastic because of the fear of talking in public. This workshops helps participants to get to the bottom of their fear. Once you understand a fear, you can deal with it. The workshop ends with hypnosis.

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Happy Working Parent

Many working parents are sleep deprived and exhausted from juggling the demands of work life and home life. Sleep deprivation decreases a range of cognitive abilities. For example, reaction time, alertness, the working memory’s ability to juggle multiple tasks, cognitive flexibility, verbal fluency, problem solving, and the regulation of emotions are all impacted.  This workshop helps working parents develop parenting styles that work in harmony with their working life. It introduces parents to four ideas that provide the building blocks for positive, constructive and confident parenting.

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